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About Me

Since 2008, I've worked on thousands of songs as a producer / engineer and helped hundreds of artists finish and release their music.

I had studios in Jerusalem, Berlin, Amsterdam, Porto and Stockholm and I've seen the music industry go through many changes.

I started teaching music production in 2013 and my experience includes teaching at different colleges such as

 Catalyst, Abbey Road Institute and BIMM  . I've also hosted workshops for Spinnup, GigmitNoize Fabrik and have privately tutored many producers and artists. 

My favorite records were produced with limited technology and are simply a product of great musicians having fun without worrying too much about mistakes. That is why I have a minimalist approach and focus mainly on performance.

My goal is to make honest sounding music that represents the artist and not the technology. I want to create something unique that will survive the test of time and I want you to have a journey of self exploration and growth. The process of music production is about putting our thoughts and feelings in to a fixed form so that we can let go of them and move on. A great sounding song is simply a by-product.


My Music



Delta Maid (Production) Daniela Andrade (Production) Adna (Mastering) Pulsar Trio (Production) Novah (Production) 

Georgie Fisher (Mastering) Relative (Mastering) ​Alice Hills (Mastering) 

Hamlet Piano (Recording) Shu Ying (Production)STRØM (Recording)

Milly Blue (Mastering) This is LAW (Production)  

Marco Mestichella (Mixing)  Four Phonica (Mixing) Unga Unga (Production) 

Crooked Waves (Mastering) Hang On Beats (Production) 

Franz Bargmann (Production)  Fly Cat Fly (Mixing, Mastering) 

Strangers By Day (Mixing, Mastering) Alexey Kochetkov (Mixing, Mastering) 

By The Way (Mastering) Louis Torre (Production) Mallory (Mastering)

David Gaffney (Production) Tomato Cakes (Production) Matyas Wolter (Mastering)

Erkhal (Mastering)  Die Outlanders (Recording)  Skid (Mastering)

Bitte Please (Mastering) Lexodus (Mastering) Martha Rose (Production)

Simularka (Recording) Rizzo & The Members Club (Mastering)


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