Private Lessons 
Customised Music Production lessons


Having a personal studio setup is essential for recording and developing your ideas but It’s very easy to get stuck when you haven't developed the right skills

Youtube is packed with online tutorials but if you want to get your music to sound exactly the way you want it, personalised music production lessons will save you a lot of time and effort. 


Learn From A Professional


During my years as a teacher at dBs Music , Abbey Road Institute and United POP I noticed that most students are often very excited about certain topics while having no interest in other topics. This led me to the conclusion that it's not necessary to know everything about music production in order to make great music as long as you optimise your workflow

Online Mixing Lessons


I now offer online production, mixing and mastering lessons on Zoom combined with high quality audio streaming via Audiomovers so that there is no compromise on sound quality .

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Lessons On Location


If you live in the area of Porto, Gaia, Guimarães or Braga all you need to do is bring your laptop to my studio where you can plug in to the monitoring system via USB


Once you are connected we’ll start by opening a session you've been producing on your DAW (Logic, Ableton Live, Cubebase, Pro Tools etc) and we'll take it from there.


Create Your Best Sounding Tracks


We will go through your sessions and discover what can be improved. We’ll focus on the right way to use EQ, Compression, Effects and Automation. We will also go through basic music theory so that you understand the logic behind each technique and choose the one that works best for you. 

If the quality of your recordings is not ideal, I will explain exactly what went wrong and demonstrate how to get it right the next time you record. You will receive great tips on how to arrange your song so that it flows naturally and keeps the listener interested and we’ll make sure that nothing is missing in the arrangement.


On top of covering arrangement, recording, mixing and mastering techniques, we will also discuss the basics of synthesis which will enable you to fully program every synthesizer and understand how each parameter relates to acoustic sound reproduction. 

How It Works


My private music production lessons are custom fitted to your individual needs and taste and are taught on your DAW of choice. You will learn how to get the most out of your instruments, effects, microphones and space which makes much more sense than practicing on gear that most musicians can’t afford. 


We will decide together on the amount of lessons depending on your experience and goals which means that you can start from one lesson and go on to as many lessons as you feel necessary. The standard rate for a one  hour lesson is €35.



At the end of the lesson you will have a great sounding track and you will always have the option to go back to your DAW session and refresh your memory.