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Find Your Ideal Music Producer

How do you find your ideal music producer?

From my experience the most important thing when looking for a music producer is having a personal connection on both sides.

A lot of musicians assume that if a certain producer has worked with a famous artist or won an award, then working with them will result in them becoming famous. This could not be farther from the truth since success on a larger scale depends mostly on songwriting skills as well as the amount of promotion, which is usually something that is done by a record label.

In my opinion a music producer cannot successfully produce a song if they don't have a connection with the music and with the artist. Therefore I highly recommend that before you run off and spend a small fortune on hiring someone, simply because they have a couple of Grammies, make sure to listen to their productions so that you could get an idea of that their sound. Also, if possible - have a live chat with them before funding the project to make sure that you feel that this is the right person to work with.

I am always available for a chat and would love to answer all of your questions in case you are interested in working with me.

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