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Vocal Recording Tips

Recording vocals can be difficult and sometimes frustrating if you start recording without having a plan or strategy. If you're on a limited budget and can only afford a limited amount of time in a recording studio here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your studio session:

1. Prioritize - remember what your goal for the day is and focus on what's really important. If you need to record vocals for 3 songs make sure that you get all of your lead vocals down first and don't waste time on recording harmonies and ad libs before you have that finished.

2. Plan - If you have 8 hours to do 4 songs for example make sure to plan the more difficult parts for the beginning while you still have energy and keep the easier and less important parts for later. Remember that singing on a full stomach is not ideal so try to focus on editing and take selection When you come back from your lunch break, this will give you some time to digest before you have to start recording again.

3. Flow - When you start recording don't stop and start over every time you make a mistake. Try doing a number of full takes without stopping and fix the best take out of these instead, you'll notice that doing this will help you to stop thinking and get you in to a natural flow.

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