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Music Production, Mixing and Mastering courses

I currently offer the following courses

Mix Like a Pro  (intensive 7 week course in Mixing and Mastering)

From Demo to Master (Songwriting, Music production, Fundamentals of Mixing and Mastering) 

If you are already mixing and need regular feedback in order to improve your skills and gain confidence I also offer Mentorship (guided mastering) and private lessons:



Mentorship (Guided Mastering)

If you are already mixing on your own but doubting wether your mix is ready or not, I offer comprehensive mix feedback either in writing or via video chat. I will have a listen to your mix and let you know what needs to be improved and how to do it. 

If you're in the process of writing or producing a song and need feedback on the general structure, melody, arrangement, choice of key etc, I can also give you detailed feedback on the musical aspects of your song. 

For more information feel free to Contact me

Private Lessons


I offer online music production, mixing and mastering lessons on Zoom combined with high quality audio streaming via Audiomovers so that there is no compromise on sound quality .

If you want to know more about how online lessons work, feel free to Contact me  and I'll explain everything in detail.

I teach in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 


We will go through your sessions together and discover what can be improved. We’ll focus on the right way to use EQ, Compression, Effects, Automation and also touch basic music theory.

If I notice that the quality of your recordings is not ideal, I will also show you the right recording techniques and if you're are interested in Electronic Music Production, we will also cover the basics of Beat Design and Synthesis which will enable you to fully program every synthesiser and understand what each parameter does. 

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