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From Demo to Master 

As a producer specialising in singer-songwriter music, I had the experience of working on thousands of songs as an arranger, composer and lyricist.

Based on this experience I developed my own method for producing a song from Demo to MasterThis 'step by step' method will help you to become more productive, efficient, and take your lyrics and compositions to a professional level. 

This course is specifically designed for independent songwriters and music producers who want improve their songwriting and production workflow as well as develop their mixing and mastering skills. 


The course is made of  7 lessons of 2 hours (14 hours in total) and focuses on creating a fully produced song from Lyrics

Lesson 1  - Lyrics and Melody composition  

Lesson 2 - Tempo, Key and Song Structure    

Lesson 3 -Arrangment Pt.1  


Lesson 4 - Arrangment Pt.2   


Lesson 5  - Mixing Pt.1  


Lesson 6  - Mixing Pt.2 

Lesson 7  - Mastering 

At the end of each lesson you will receive a task that you will have to prepare for the next lesson. The course should ideally run in 7 consecutive weeks but the timeline can be adjusted to fit your schedule. 


Music Theory and Mixing related topics (EQ, Compression, Effects) will be covered briefly as we work on the song which means that we don’t waste any time on theory that you can’t put in to practice. 

This is an Online Course offered via Zoom in combination with high quality audio streaming via Audiomovers so that there is no compromise on sound quality.

I offer this course in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X or Ableton Live.

At the end of the course you will:

Complete a professionally composed, produced, mixed and mastered song 


Be able to efficiently  compose, produce, mix and master your own songs without procrastinating.


Receive an official Studio Internship Certificate as well as a Personal Recommendation Letter which will help you to get further in your career as a sound engineer. These could also be used for academic purposes. 

Student Reviews


The price for each 2 hour lesson is 70€ including tax but if you pay the whole course at once you will receive a discount of 70€ (420€ in total instead of 490€)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me . 

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