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Music Production 

I work with artists from all over the world and most of my productions are done remotely which means that you only need a basic recording setup and an internet connection if you want me to produce your song.

​When I'm producing a song I also take care of Mixing and Mastering which means that you get a Final Master that you can upload directly to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc and submit it to Record Labels, Music Blogs, Publishers and Radio Stations

As a producer I will play different instruments (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keys, Synths), Program Drums / Beats, create Live String Arrangements and if necessary hire additional musicians if you want to add a live drummer or backing vocalist for example. 


I regularly ask for your feedback as I develop the arrangement and make sure that you are satisfied with the sound and texture of every instrument that we add to the song.

I have a highly minimalist approach when it comes to music production which means that I do not overproduce the song and only add what is necessary. I find that working in this way simplifies the process and enables me to work faster and achieve an organic and well defined sound.  

My turnaround is 7-9 days on average for 1 song and I usually provide a first draft within 1 day after payment.

To learn more about the process check out my profile on Soundbetter or Contact me to schedule a meeting on Whatsapp/ Skype/ Zoom


When I mix a song I aim at achieving balance on various levels.

I keep the main elements (vocals, drums, bass etc) loud and clear while placing other elements in the background in order to achieve a 3D sound with natural depth. I give every instrument its own character so that it compliments another instrument with an opposite character and together, each balanced pair balances another.

I have simplified my workflow over the years and developed a unique way of experimenting with effects and programming automation to make sure that the song has a natural flow that keeps the listener engaged.

My turnaround for Mixing is 1 day on average and I include 4 revisions in the price. In urgent cases I can deliver even earlier. 

Mix / Song Feedback 


If you are already mixing on your own but doubting wether your mix is ready or not,I offer comprehensive mix feedback either in writing or via video chat. I will have a listen to your mix and let you know what needs to be improved and how to do it. 

If you're in the process of writing or producing a song and need feedback on the general structure, melody, arrangement, choice of key etc, I can also give you detailed feedback on the musical aspects of your song. 

My turnaround for Feedback is 1 day on average and I include 2 revisions in the price.


Mastering is the process of giving your mix a final touch and making sure that it is ready for release. In album mastering a big part of the process is making sure that the tracks fit together as a whole and have a similar sound and character.

My mastering workflow starts with listening to the material and comparing it to your reference tracks. This helps me to understand your taste and conclude if there is anything that could be improved in the mix. I then communicate this to you and once the adjustments are made, I start mastering the track. I find that working in this way will help you get the most out of the process and improve the quality of your mixes and productions over time.   

​Stem Mastering 


Stem Mastering means working individually on a number of summed tracks (Stems) such as drums, bass, guitars and vocals for example. Stem Mastering gives me more control and flexibility over the different elements in your mix which guarantees the best sounding results. 


My turnaround for Mastering is 1 day on average and I include 2 revisions in the price. In urgent cases I can deliver even earlier. 

I believe that communication plays a huge role in mixing and mastering. If you are not able to attend the mastering session, I will involve you as much as possible by asking the right questions and informing you about the decisions I've made. 

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me

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