Music Production 

I work with artists from all over the world and most of my productions are done remotely which means that you only need a basic recording setup and an internet connection if you want me to produce your song. To learn more about the process check out my profile on Soundbetter or Contact me to schedule a meeting on Whatsapp/ Skype/ Zoom

When I'm producing a song I act as the producer as well as the mixing and mastering engineer which means that you get a fully finished track that you can proudly present to Record Labels, Music Blogs, Publishers, Radio Stations and Streaming Services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc

As a producer I will work with you on your arrangement and play additional instruments. I'm a highly skilled guitar, bass and keyboard player and I have a wide variety of instruments and effects in my studio (download the full Gear List). I will make sure that you are already satisfied with the sound and texture  right from the beginning because I don't believe in fixing the sound in the mix.

I have a highly minimalist approach when it comes to music production which means that I do not use a lot of microphones and processors. I find that working in this way simplifies the process and will save you a lot of time, enabling me to record and mix faster while achieving an organic and well defined sound. 


Mixing is the art of balancing, editing and summing all of the individual tracks in your production into 1 stereo track (the mix). The process is very subjective and depends on your taste. This means that 1 track could be mixed in different ways and each result can still sound great by itself.  

My approach to mixing is fairly minimal because I believe in doing things the right way and getting the desired sound from the instruments and microphones. My main focus in mixing is on getting the right
balance, experimenting with effects and programming automation. This workflow enables me to mix faster and achieve very natural and clear sounding mixes. 



Mastering is the process of giving a stereo mix a final and enhancing touch and making sure that it is ready for release. In album mastering a big part of the process is making sure that the tracks fit together as a whole and that different tracks match in frequency range and level.

mastering workflow starts with listening to the material and comparing it to your reference tracks. This helps me to understand your taste and conclude if there is anything that could be improved in the mix. I then communicate this to you and once the adjustments are made, I start mastering your tracks. I find that working in this way will help you get the most out of the mastering process while the process and improve the quality of your mixes and productions over time.   

I also offer
Stem Mastering which means working individually on a number of summed stereo tracks (Stems) such as drums, bass, guitars and vocals for example. Stem Mastering gives me a lot more control and flexibility over the different elements in your mix which garanties you the best sounding results. 

I believe that
communication plays a huge role in mixing and mastering and in cases when you are not able to attend the mastering session I try to involve you as much as possible by asking the right questions and informing you about the decisions I've made. 

​Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.